The C.G.L.L

Who we are

The Corporate Golf League of Luxembourg was founded to encourage and organize golfing activities between companies based in Luxembourg.

The CGLL was founded as an ASBL (2017) with 8 board members from varying companies and backgrounds, with the aim to:

  • Always Maintain a genuine and friendly spirit 
  • Help companies foster golf activities and structuring golf teams
  • Always keep transparent communication among all member companies
  • Preserve and respect local golf practices and golf clubs 

What we do

The CGLL is undertaking activities to encourage the growth of golf in luxembourg and expand the networking of our members.We will facilitating group lessons at discounted rates for all members to encourage more people to take up the sport, improve their game or just dust off the cobwebs.

We will also be arranging Company Management days as well arranging a yearly tournament in our first year for all members. 

Who is it for

We are primarliy focused at companies based here in luxembourg, with a small base of players that we wish to grow.

If you have a company of 5 or more players (beginner or regular player) you can join for free.

We charge no membership fee, just activity based costs per player whether it be the lessons, dicsounted fees on game days or Senior Management days, which come with backing from our sponsors per event

Want to join up ?

Drop us an email

At any time you can reach out to use if you have an interest in joining the club and syncing up with all of our companies & members during events, activities or our tournament. Just drop us a mail at or subscribe via our homepage for ongoing updates

Have 5 playing members

Our only requirement is that each company has 5 players who will participate during events throughout the year and there is no maximum number of players, plus it's free. All members only need to pay the discounted rates on the activities they participate in.

Sign your company up

To sign up, we ask you to download our inscription form and email it to us at, we can then setup you up with group lessons, from beginner to advanced, send out schedules and invites for the tournaments and include your Senior Management in our private golf days here in Luxembourg