Corporate Golf Open 2017

Sunday, 30th of July

  On the 30th of July 2017, we held our inaugural Corporate Golf Open at Junglinster Belenhaff Golf Club. With over 80 Players from 16 Companies, we had both Team and Individual Honours up for grabs, as well as some amazing prizes donated by our very kind sponsors.  

  We were thankfully blessed with sunny weather and an abundance of cheer on the first tee from 9am, which managed to last throughout the day as the competitors took to the course. Citabel Golf were also on hand to allow players to try out new golf trolleys and equipment on their rounds, as well as welcome snacks and participation items sponsored by PWC for all players. With such weather, it was also lovely to have a well-deserved food break and drinks provided by Julien Cliquet and Fox Beer after the 9th hole, for both of which we received some great feedback from the players.

 Further refreshments were then available to all players when they finished their round, just off the 18th green, with a Mixologist available for some fantastic cocktails with peculiar rums, gins and other concoctions (Diageo) that definitely set a fantastic atmosphere. We will definitely be doing that again.   

  As the day wore on, we enjoyed welcoming all the players off the 18th, as well as all the gathered golfers, friends and families taking in the lovely Golf de Luxembourg - Belenhaff and the gathered Cars kindly provided by Losch (Lamborghini, Audi and Bentley). Presentations then began with the Board thanking firstly all the players and companies for their attendance and support during this inaugural event, as well as our kind thanks to everyone one of our sponsors, without who this event would not have been possible.  

  Company Participants:  Amazon Golf Team, BGL, Dekabank, EIB, Goodyear, KPMG,Post, PureJobSearch, PWC & 6 Other Companies, but we unfortunately can’t name them as they still need to sign their affiliation forms !  

  Our Kind Sponsors:  Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, Schroeder Jewellery, PWC, Fox beer, Cliquot Traiteur, Grosbush, House 17, Mosconi restaurant, Citabel Golf, Ernst&Young, Diageo, Gin , Lancel, hotel Place D’armes, Gin Mueller  

Finally,  our congratulations to all the winners and a very big thank you to all the players & friends who joined on this fabulous day.  

Kind Regards,

  The CGLL Board.  

  Competition Results   TEAM PRIZE – best 3 combined scores 

1.  Italian Golf Team (Need to sign their affiliation forms ASAP)   (-12) 

2. DEKABANK (-3) 

3. POST (0)   


1. Corinna Goldkuhle (24)

2. Marielle Margue (22) 

3. Ruth Naujok (17)  


1. Monique Schaedgen (37) 

2. Arlette Mischo (33) 

3. Corinna Goldkuhle (31)   


1. Maarten De Groot (29) * - Unavailable for prize giving 

2. Tilmann Hesse (29) 

3. Alan Botfield (28)   

NET MENS 0-12 hcp 

1. Alain Merker (35) 

2. Fabien Hautier (35) 

3. Kevin Saadallah (32)   

NET MENS 13-24 hcp 

1. Jurgen Trierweiler (38) 

2. Daniel Kaiser (38) 

3. Tom Megyimori (37)   

NET MENS 25-36 

1. Edoardo Brotini (47) 

2. Matthieu (39) 

3. Luigi Mariutto (38)  

Longest Drive Men – Mike Hopp Longest Drive Ladies – Marielle Margue Nearest to the Pin Men – Charles De Lamaestre (1.84m) Nearest to the Pin Ladies – Annie Ruppert (3.64m)  

Corproate Golf Open Event Photo

We will shortly have our official video of the event, but in the mean time please have a look through our event photo gallery

Corporate Golf Open Files

Click below to download the Tee Time Participant List/ Team Results & the Individual Honors List